CMU announce new season of Industry Training Courses

Posted on November 6th, 2012 by in Advice & Tips, Music Industry News

CMU Insights, the training and research unit of CMU, will be running four one-day courses over the next month.

The Social Media & Fan Engagement course on 14 Nov provides an overview of social media platforms in 2012, including which ones matter in music, how social media activity should be planned, managed and measured, and how artists, labels, managers and music brands can truly engage fans online.

The Music Rights course on 21 Nov provides a concise guide to copyright in the UK, including how intellectual property works, the basics of licensing and collective licensing, how rights are monetised, how the music rights industry is changing, and an overview of the piracy challenge.

The Promoting Music course on 27 Nov looks at how artists, labels, events and music companies can use media, social media and other platforms to reach, enthuse and engage fans. It includes an overview of the music media in 2012, a summary of the traditional record industry marketing campaign, insights on how to better engage media, ideas for alternative approaches to music marketing, and a beginners guide to social media tools.

The Future Of The Music Industry course on 4 Dec looks at the different ways music can be monetised, the different companies that unlock different revenue streams for artists, and the deals artists need to make to succeed. Starting with an overview of the traditional record deal, followed by insights into alternative revenue and investment streams, the course also considers the alternative deals that will be struck by artists and music companies in the future.

Bookings are now open for all courses. Further information can be found here

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