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Put the needle on the record.

A Disc Jockey (DJ) comes in many forms; from the Radio Presenter style, to a Mobile DJ you’ll often see at weddings and corporate events, to a Club DJ, who may perform in bars, clubs, festivals or stadiums… which is a different ball game entirely.


It is the job of a DJ to select and play records, to entertain a crowd. To do this, you must know your audience well – as a Radio Presenter, your listeners may want to be informed with news, weather or chat, and you may take requests or host phone ins. A Mobile or Club DJ must research, hunt down and purchase records, ready to play to a crowd at the right moment – again, it is your duty to know each crowd and adapt each show accordingly. A Mobile DJ will also set up and take down his own equipment, and perform routine maintenance or repairs when things start to play up, as technical equipment often does.


Musical knowledge is paramount as a DJ. You must have encyclopaedic knowledge of entire catalogues of music, often in many different genres. Simply knowing the name of songs is not enough – you must know the ins and outs of each record, how long the intros are, where the vocal comes in, where a good place to fade out is, and the overall mood and structure of each song in order to align it with a similar fitting record in your playlist / show.

Technical skills can play a great part. The way that records are mixed and blended together, with an array of effects and tricks, will create your own DJ style, which is especially important as a Club DJ. As a Radio Presenter or Mobile DJ, you will also need to sound confident and fluent on the microphone, and be able to operate mixing boards and other musical equipment.


Most DJs gain experience on the fly. You may have to start out playing gigs for free, or throwing your own parties in order to create your own booking (becoming a Promoter in the process). Mobile DJs often start by playing for friend’s weddings and birthdays, and will hope to gather contacts and further possible gigs at each party. A Radio Presenter can start out as a Radio Production Assistant, maybe at a college or local radio station.

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  1. terry westcarr Says:

    hi i am a professional reggae dj for around 30 yrs now i am 49 years old living in peckham south london,and i have played as a sound system dj /singer and and music selector all over london the uk and europe. playing to vast audiences internationally, i love what i do with a great passion playing reggae music to hundreds of people, but i want to further my career as a dj by turning it into a daily business, so i can be a self employed dj so this is what i want to do as a living, so im wondering if you could help me by probably advising me in the right direction like how to advertise myself anf finding an agent to work with me or if you have any contacts you could give me who wants a professional dj like myself the help would be grateful. i love to do sound engineering too as i have my own sound system which i use to travel to big gigs in and around london and the uk. if you are interested in my talents as a dj you have my email address and my mobile number is name is terry gad..thanks for listening. look forward to hearing from you.

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