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British singer, songwriter and producer Jamie Lidell saw the release of his fourth album yesterday, the self-titled Jamie Lidell. He chose to launch a pre-release listen via the new Myspace, following the lead of investor/musician Justin Timberlake, who lanched his first new music in six years via the revamped social network site. The full-length is now available everywhere, and you can stream the music below via the Spotify widget.


Lidell’s recent physical move from New York to Nashville may have created a slightly different way of life, and a different routine, he recently told Dutch music website 3voor12. “There’s a lot of driving goes down in Nashville, so radio becomes a huge part of existence. We found this station called 92Q, it’s a really good all-R&B station. They play a lot of Gap Band, Cameo, Prince… they play ‘Atomic Dog‘ like it was the national anthem! A lot of stuff that has always been on my musical radar, in a way.


Usually known for his blend of neo-crooning and dark house-y rhythms, this release sees a bit of a change of pace, with more of a ‘no ballads, all beats’ mentality, with the huge influences of 80s funk and soul dominating throughout. He says of the very full and powerful sounds, “When I wrote these songs, I was really conscious of really satisfying bridges coming in, big decadent ride outs with loads of ad-lib vocals, and just a party, you know, just making it feel like a luxurious thing. And a maximalist thing too – songs like ‘Big Love‘ have so much going on, there’s layers of vocals with percussion, horns, real drums, synthesized drums, three or four keyboard lines, a real guitar, some bass… all of that is happening.[...] I kinda had that feel like that maximalist aesthetic that’s kinda like, not really so hip anymore. [...] It’s just a way that I do. I like a lot of stuff happening.


01 I’m Selfish
02 Big Love
03 What A Shame
04 Do Yourself A Favor
05 You Naked
06 Why_Ya_Why
07 Blaming Something
08 You KNow My Name
09 So Cold
10 Don’t You Love Me
11 In Your Mind

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Now available as mp3 download, good old fashioned CD, or as a double vinyl pack from Note: for my fellow vinyl lovers, the 2xLP pack includes a coupon for a full download, for easy mobile device listening/ transfering / backup.

Of course, in true try-before-you-buy 21st century digital music industry fashion, you can stream the album below, via Spotify.

Look out for Jamie Lidell on his upcoming tour and find more links and videos at

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