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This week, Chicago-based musician Nick Zanca, better known by his production moniker Mister Lies, sees the release of his debut album Mowgli. The full-length is now available everywhere, and you can stream the music below via the Spotify widget.


The stripped-down grooves that lead to emotional chord progressions and fair smattering of perfectly engineered bass show obvious influences of UK post-dubstep pioneers Mount Kimbie and Burial, but Mister Lies also manages to mould the eight track LP into his own mood – something wintery and eerie. That came in part from recording this project on his own in a cabin in Vermont – the album has a suitably spacious feel, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. He tells online music mag Consequence of Sound “That was a good time to stop listening to electronic music. I had to stop listening to my peers for a bit. Whenever I’m listening to music that’s kind of similar to what I make, I’m like, “Well, that’s what I’m doing wrong.”

Evolving Sounds

Zanca began making pop-punk music in a band back in Connecticut, and moved into an experimental electronic role along the way. His earlier Mister Lies singles were more relaxing, and people tried to automatically fit them into a ready-made genre such as chill-wave. Although this LP shifts pace yet again, it didn’t end up as he had originally planned. “I started Mister Lies with the intention that I was going to sing on my tracks. I consider myself much more of a songwriter than anything else. I’ve always been a huge fan of producers that use their voice even if they don’t have a particularly good voice. I feel like it becomes that much more personal. I’ll do that on my next record“.

That next record may also be something ‘happier’, according to Zanca; with much of Mowgli firmly rooted in minor keys, building an evocative synthesizer with frantic energy before unleashing fresh and tight sounding drops, he also sees it as a ‘stepping stone’ for further new sounds.


01 Ashore
02 Dionysian
03 Align
04 Lupine
05 Canaan
06 Ludlow
07 Hounded
08 Trustfalls

Buy / Listen / Stream

Now available as mp3 download, or on vinyl record (both links via Amazon).

Of course, in true try-before-you-buy 21st century digital music industry fashion, you can stream the album below, via Spotify.

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