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It is that time of year again. Lists. Everywhere. “Best 1001 Gigs of the Best 5 Years of this Current Century”, or, “Top 100 Albums You’ve Never Heard of Because You’re Not As Cool As Us” or similar. If you have time for all that, indulge away! But here at Music Jobs, we thought we would simply update you with our absolute number one, top favourite music-related things of the year all in one bite-sized, one-page blog post. Enjoy!

Best Music Industry Book of 2012: How Music Works

In How Music Works, the infamous David Byrne shares his views on the structure and context of music, the influences and reason behind the Talking Heads music and video catalogue, as well as some discussion of the sociology and psychology of music: why we need it, why it moves people, and why we interact with it the way we do.

Best Music Exhibition of 2012: Blur 21

This summer was a big one for British legends Blur; having shared two new songs with the world (Under The Westway and The Puritan), been awarded a BRIT Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music, and performed a sell-out gig at Hyde Park to mark the end of the London Olympic Games, they also established an exhibition of rare photographs, artwork and never-before-seen images to celebrate 21 years since their debut LP Leisure in 1991.

Best Mixtape of 2012: Sounds of Summer 2012

Not that we’re biased or anything, but this was pretty groovy. We tackled an unbelievably difficult task of selecting 18 winners from over 1000 entries for the UK Music Jobs Sounds of Summer Mixtape. The competition was fierce! We aimed to represent many different musical styles, whilst also sticking to our original theme of summer, and we are very happy with the result and proud to have so many talented members.

Best Live Gig of 2012: Leonhard Cohen @ Hop Farm Wembley Arena

A three-hour set by the enigmatic poet and musician in the southern countryside sounded blissful! Alas, Lenny and his team probably realised after kicking off his short tour that he could rake in more cash by selling out Wembley Arena for two nights. As someone who took a 15 year hiatus and then came back to wow at small, intimate gigs like no one else could, it is something of a shame that the gig moved venue, but also fantastic to see that Cohen still delivered, outperforming and outclassing those 50 years his junior.

Leonhard Cohen

Best Debut Album of 2012: My Tiger My Timing – Celeste

The New Cross-based band self-released a “category-defying” debut record back in July. The near-30 month period between debut single and release of the album proved to be the fuel for My Tiger My Timing’s Celeste. The record contains songs of dreams dashed, mistakes made, and hopes lost. But they are also tales of dusting off, remembering what the aim was, and starting all over again…

Best Festival of 2012: ADE

By Day: various conferences, panels, and keynote speeches, all aimed at helping young DJs, Producers, Musicians, Performers and other music industry students make their way in the newly-formed and ever-changing world of the music biz. By Night: a staggering 800+ spread across during the five day extravaganza, performing at 350 different events within the festival program. Add in the DJ Mag Awards, celebrity DJ cook offs, audio visual showcases, pop-up shops and film premieres and it is obvious that ADE put on quite the show.

Best Music Video of 2012: M.I.A. – Bad Girls

Winner of Best Pop Video (UK) and Best Styling awards at the UKMVAs, and now, winner of the UK Music Jobs Staff favourite video (no award given). I bet M.I.A. will be thrilled to get that call. The music video for her hit Bad Girls sure is impressive, and director Romain Gavras continues to cement his name as a force in short film.

Best Artist of 2012: Alt-J

This was pretty much unanimous from all of our offices and sister websites: An Awesome Wave is one of the freshest things we’ve heard in a while. Having said that, Alt-J faced some stiff competition – we have consumed more music in 2012 than ever before, and it has been a truly incredible year for UK musicians. Shouts out to the worthy runners up: Jessie Ware, Daphni (Jiaolong), Michael Kiwanuka, Post War Years (The Bell), Plan B, and Bright Light Bright Light (Make Me Believe In Hope).

Best Music Job Meme of 2012: Being in a Band

Job title memes were everywhere in 2012. Naturally, there are a few music-related job titles that are uniquely overrated, underrated and just plain baffling to friends, family and the public, and so, a series of photos to show the common misconceptions and stereotypes that are perceived for each job made for quite the social sharing funnies. The competition was fierce, but this one just pips it as our favourite.

Best Mobile Device App of 2012: Dan Deacon – Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon took crowd participation to another level when visiting London in September by letting fans in the crowd become part of the audio visual show. Inspired by audience-based cell phone interactive pieces he has performed in the past, Deacon approached programming and instrument friends to develop an application that turns your phone into a synchronized light display and accompanying instrument. The colours and sounds change depending on the location within each venue.

Best Legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll Band who are Celebrating 50 Years: The Rolling Stones

Their last tour smashed all previous tour receipts records… which were previously set by the Stones in 1994. They played the half time show at Superbowl XL in Detroit, and a free concert at Copacabana beach in Rio, with an estimated attendance of 1.5 million people. Obviously, they still carry clout in the 21st Century. With that, the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary celebrations are well underway. The infamous lips logo has had a makeover, they released the hardback book entitled, ’50′, launched a free photographic exhibition at Somerset House, and, perhaps most excitingly, the band announced, and sold out within seconds, three dates for December.

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