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We have added some fantastic new features to help you get the most out of Music Jobs

Progress Bar
UKMJ progress bar
Check out the progress bar within your profile. This tool shows how complete your profile CV is. To find ways to enhance your profile CV, simply click on the link below the progress bar: “How do I improve my CV?”

Social Networking
UKMJ Social Networking
Network with other music industry professionals – connect, message, and write on their personal wall. To get started, search for a friend under the “Find Friends” tab in the right hand column of your profile. This will allow you to build a network of contacts from within your profile. Remember: the music industry is about who you know. You can connect with over 90,000 fellow industry professionals from all across the UK on Music Jobs.

All of the professional networking tools are only visible between individual members and not to prospective employers. Think of it as your own personal online diary service.

Daily Digests
UKMJ Email settings
Update your email settings – you can now receive one digested email per day with all of your friend and job alerts in one concise email.

UKMJ Statistics
Review your statistics and applications: in the left hand side of your profile is the option to see what jobs you’ve applied for, and who’s been looking at you.

Multiple CVs
Within your profile is a tab entitled “Main CV”, and to the right is a plus sign. By clicking on the plus sign, you are able to create additional profile CVs tailored to your career goals. For example, if you are a DJ as well as a marketing manager, you could have a separate profile CV dedicated to each. As you apply for a position, you are able to specify the exact profile CV being sent to the employer.

Next to each CV tab is an arrow on the left, and by clicking on that arrow you receive the option to view your profile CVs as an employer would see them.

Check out all the new features UK Music Jobs has to offer, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback you might have. Remember to update your profile and CVs regularly – it will move you to the top of the list of an employer search.

Very best wishes,

The Music Jobs Team

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