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Leigh Fuge

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About Me

My name is Leigh Fuge and I am a freelance musician/producer working across a variety of fields. I am based in Swansea, South Wales but I am willing to travel for sessions/projects. I am available for work in a range of roles including, but not limited to:

- Session Guitarist (Advanced – All Styles except jazz)
- Guitar Tuition (All ages/abilities)
- Producer
- Mix Engineer
- Mastering Engineer
- Composer/Songwriter

My primary instrument is guitar which I play to an advanced standard. I have 10 years of experience playing live and in the studio. I started at a very young age and quickly immersed myself in music. My dedication to my playing and my craft has led me around the UK on many headline tours with both signed and unsigned bands and I have played many established artists as some of the UK’s most prestigious venues.
I am able to provide bass guitar session work to an intermediate standard, primarily in the rock/blues/pop genres.

I am able to work as a producer/re-mixer/mix engineer. I have been doing freelance work in this field for two years and have experience in a number of South Wales studios. I also work out of my own home studio.

- The Quireboys
- Skinny Molly (Ex. Lynyrd Skynyrd members)
- Example
- Calvin Harris
- Ellie Goulding
- Plan B
- The Futureheads
- Chase & Status
- Subfocus
- Vampire Weekend
- Hardcore Superstar
- LA Guns
- Tigertailz
- The Luchagors (Lita of WWE Fame)
- The Treatment

- Nottingham, Rock City
- Sheffield, Corporation
- Camden, Underworld
- Cardiff, Barfly
- Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
- Manchester, Moho
- Swansea, Sin City
- Newcastle, Trillians
- York, Stereo
- Bradford, Gasworks
- Wrexham, Central Station

I have held endorsements with a number of companies in the last 6 years including:
Blackstar Amplification
Dovetail Strings
InTune Guitar Picks
Line 6
Gator Cases
Bareknuckle Pickups

Employment History

2012 - 2016, Guitar Tutor
I am an RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors) certified tutor, offering guitar tuition to all ages/abilities from my studio in Swansea. I am also able to travel to student’s houses for lessons based on their needs. I currently teach a range of students from age 11 to 75. I am able to teach a variety of styles ranging from blues and pop to rock and metal. I tailor my lessons to my student’s requirements to aid their development and ambitions with the instrument. I also offer graded exams.
2014 - 2015, Guitarist
Peacemaker, DIE!
In early 2014 I joined South Wales rock band Blackbyrd. Shortly after my addition to the lineup we re-branded the group as Peacemaker, DIE! Alongside myself, the other members have also experienced much success in previous bands Funeral For A Friend and Dead Against The Rest.
Since its incarnation, we have recorded a 5 track EP titled “Chapter 1” and signed to UK label Red Dragon Records. The EP was released via this label in October 2014. The EP was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by myself and I also play guitar on all tracks (Lead and Rhythm), it also features guest vocals on the track “Walk Towards The Sun” from Nev MacDonald (Of Skin/Kooga fame). The EP was re-released in 2015 independently with the backing of Central Press and Chic PR via all the digital channels.
During my tenure with the group we supported artists such as The Quireboys and Skinny Molly (Ex. Lynyrd Skynyrd members) as well as playing multiple headline acts to sellout crowds around South Wales.
In March 2015 I announced my departure from the group due to musical differences. I wanted to explore a variety of new genres and immerse myself in the blues while the remaining members of the band wanted to push into a heavier direction.
2011 - 2016, Producer/Mix-Engineer/Re-mixer/Song-writer
Since 2011 I have been working as a freelance producer/mix engineer/remixer out of my own studio working on a variety of projects and remixes. I have collaborated with artists overseas via the internet and I have worked on a variety of local projects from my own studio and local studios.

I am available for mixing work, production work, remixing work and mastering and I have no boundaries on genre. I pride myself on working directly with the artists to establish their exact needs and requirements before putting those requirements into the final product.

Most recently I mixed a record by my last band, Peacemaker, DIE! which was globally released via Red Dragon Records and distributed digitally and physically. The band was made up of ex members of Funeral for a Friend, New Device, Forever Vendetta and Blackbyrd. The EP also featured guest appearances from Skin's Neville MacDonald. The EP was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by me.
2011, Musician (session)
New Device (Band)
During the first half of 2011, I spent 5 months as a live session guitarist with London based rock band New Device. I joined the band 2 weeks prior to their UK Headline Tour due to commitment issues with the previous guitarists. I was tasked with learning the tracks from their debut album and then performing this live with the band. The album was written/recorded for two guitarists and the band had previously lost both guitar players within a short space of time. I spent time re-arranging some of the parts to make them suitable for a solo guitarist to play live without compromising the integrity of the song structures. We completed 5 months’ worth of shows all over the UK as a headline act in some of the country’s best venues. In May 2011 I decided to step down from my role in New Device to commit to my production work.
2008 - 2011, Guitarist
Forever Vendetta (Band)
From 2008 until January 2011 I was the lead guitarist and founding member of Swansea based rock band Forever Vendetta. During my time with the band we successfully completed a run of UK headline shows, played a variety of festivals and support slots with established acts and released two self-funded, self-released EP’s. Our first EP was released as a free download from Myspace and obtained over 10,000 downloads from the download link we created for the purpose. Both our EP’s received extensive airplay from a number of established and independent radio stations worldwide.
I also acted as the bands manager/booking agent and I was responsible for booking shows and covering the logistics of the bands time on the road.
In 2009 we were selected from a Myspace poll headed by Ozzy Osbourne and publicist Gill Miles. Together, Ozzy and Gill selected their top 10 favourite UK unsigned bands. We were put in the top 10 alongside other bands such as The Defiled, Black Spiders and GU Medicine.
I left Forever Vendetta in January 2011 to pursue my session work with London based band New Device and to begin my production career.

Technical Equipment

1. 2013 Tokai ES-335
2. 1970s Saxon Les Paul Jr.
3. 1999 Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop
4. 2003 Epiphone Les Paul Standard
5. 2008 Epiphone Les Paul Custom
6. 2009 Epiphone Firebird
7. 2004 Squire Stratocaster
8. 2009 Epiphone PR-5
9. 2003 Ibanez GAX75
10. Shine Superstrat
11. 1986 Sunn Mustang P-Bass
12. 2004 Epiphone Thunderbird Bass

1. Marshall Vintage Modern 2466 100w Head
2. Jet City JCA20H 20w Head
3. Epiphone Triggerman 100 Head
4. Fender Frontman 15R

1. Marshall 1960A with V30s
2. Jet City JCA212 with Emenence

1. Boss TU2 Tuner
2. Boss CE5 Chorus
3. Boss NS2 Noise Supressor
4. Boss DS1 Distortion
5. Ibanez TS9DX Tubescreamer
6. MXR Custom Badass 78 Distortion
7. Digitech Screaming Blues Overdrive
8. EHX LPB-1
9. EHX Metal Muff
10. Blackstar HT-Drive
11. Blackstar LT-Dual
12. Dunlop Crybaby
13. Homebrew Electronics Detox EQ
14. TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb
15. TC Electronics Nova Repeater Delay
16. Toadworks MadDog Fuzz
17. Digitech Whammy
18. Line 6 POD HD300
19. Danelectro EQ Pedal
20. Akai Custom Shop Analogue Compressor

Areas available to work

London & SE England
NE England
NW England
SW England
Willing to work anywhere in the UK

IT Skills

Fruity Loops
Microsoft Office
Pro Tools

Languages (General)


Further Information

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Do You Have A Driving Licence?: yes