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Greystoke ProductionsThis is an excellent site for finding musicians & engineers
Thank you

Andy Whitmore
Alvah Carlos Candela Terry
Alvah Carlos Candela Terry
Music jobs has been incredibly helpful for finding jobs related to music. The job suggestions were particularly useful as they were well catered to my credentials and preferences.

Although it took me a while to get a job related in music, I still had a majority of my interviews thanks to music jobs, this also includes my current position. I will definitely come back if I need to (hopefully that won't be the case for a while haha). Thanks.


J. D.Sent plenty of regular, relevant jobs daily. Easy to use website. Found me a job!10/12/14
Dan H.
Dan H.
Even though it's taken me a while to find my first job in the music industry, I couldn't have done it without musicjobs uk. The daily updates and industry specific roles that are personally targeted make the process much simpler and have highlighted opportunities that I can't imagine I would have found If I had simply trawled the web. Thanks a lot.05/12/14
Jon Hughes
Jon Hughes
I applied for the Guitar Tutor vacancy with East London Piano via this site and got the job.02/12/14
SK ProductionsWe advertised for a Bassist to tour with an artist signed to a indie label. Within a week we hired someone from this site.02/12/14
BigK Music SchoolWe hired a Drum Tutor and Bass Tutor via UK Music Jobs!02/12/14
Sean McKinneyGot a job through Music Jobs with ACLE Theatrino in Italy, would not of known about the company or position otherwise.02/12/14
Sam PapworthMusic jobs was the perfect site for me to streamline the amount of jobs I was sifting through to try and find new employment. Really perfect for anyone looking to work in the industry as you can tailor it to what you want to see.28/11/14
Rhiannon D.
Rhiannon D.
Great site! Best website for music jobs in the UK by far.28/11/14