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Katie Dale-Everett DanceMy testimonial is about Tom Sayers who I hired and worked with via Media Match - UK Music.

Tom delivered to me under short time constraints a highly professional forty minute score to accompany my new interdisciplinary dance and film work 'Digital Tattoo'. He was a genuine pleasure to work with and went above and beyond the requirements of his position. I would highly recommend him and would be happy to provide references if requested.
Hal Leonard MGBWe used this site to advertise and recruit (successfully) a Sales Executive for our music print publishing house.25/11/15
Chris Haywood
Chris Haywood
I'm now working at Lander PR after contacting them through this site.23/11/15
Fuzz Club RecordsWe used the Media Match - UK Music database to source a new person for our PR and Marketing team and hired a candidate last week!23/11/15
Bryn EvansGreat for entering the industry12/11/15
Futureproof Records & PromotionsUK Music Jobs/Media Match is a great, fluid way to reach out to people wanting to get into the music business - an excellent site.11/11/15
Vahid Djalily
Vahid Djalily
Thanks to (and needless to say, my new employer for posting their vacancy here!), I landed an awesome, doing what I simply love.
There are so many positions/roles available on the site and the choice is vast, but the right job comes to the right person; with dedication to your chosen industry, passion and enthusiasm always shows.
London Music FactoryLove Music Jobs!! Great service!!03/11/15
jpmusiclibraryI just wanted to write and say thank you for putting my job opportunity on Media Match. The response has been overwhelming, with over a hundred applicants. And I'd say we will be able to work with around 40% of them.02/11/15
Magali MonteroFantastic. Thank you for your efficiency and thanks to your website which has been really useful during my five years in London.01/11/15